as a  photographer in munich, aljoscha gleser offers professional high-end photography in the fields of fashion, portrait and lifestyle.


aljoscha’s experience in the field of art direction allows him to quickly identify problems in the creative process and pass them on to the creative team, which makes him a valued member to any photo production group. aljoscha's production and studio connections in munich, berlin, cologne  and north america allow him to perform  photo shoots in germany and internationally.

educated by some of the world's best photographers at the munich university of applied sciences, aljoscha also had the opportunity to gain experience in various international productions: miami, san francisco, new york, nassau (bahamas), cape town (south africa) and scarborough (trinidad). there, he worked with photographers in high-class fashion, portrait, product, catalog, architecture and interior design assignments.


aljoscha gleser has a comprehensive grasp of professional photographic aesthetics, is on the edge of current trends and is always looking for ways to improve his vast range of skills.